You may not have been able to go over to your parent’s place in a while, especially this past year. The next time you are over there, you may want to do a sweep of their medicine cabinet to ensure that there is no expired medications in there. You also may want to take a […]


April 29, 2021

What Does Your Parent’s Medicine Cabinet Look Like?

Are you super organized with your passwords? Do you use something like Lastpass or Dashlane and do not have to worry about entering your passwords and they are super secure? Or are you more like me? Have multiple passwords for different accounts and are constantly resetting them and it’s a struggle to keep them organized. […]


April 22, 2021

Do You Forget Your Online Passwords?

There are so many things that need to be done when a loved one passes, but there are some things that may not be so obvious. First, run a credit report for them as soon as you can, while these agencies have not received the word that they have been declared deceased just yet. With […]


April 2, 2021

Do This Upon Death of a Loved One

With Easter rolling around, you may be thinking of preparing goodies for your kids or grandkids. What about your parents? Especially if they are in carehomes, a carepackage of some sort is always appreciated. For Easter, spring flowers is nice, but you could also do a fun basket with cute items as well. Here are […]


March 26, 2021

Easter Basket Ideas For Seniors