When was the last time that you sat in your parents car and had them drive you somewhere? Would you feel confident about being a passenger? How about having them drive your kids around? As your parents start to age, one of the most difficult conversations you can have would be is if they can […]


June 3, 2021

Are Your Parents Still Fit to Drive?

Are you super organized with your passwords? Do you use something like Lastpass or Dashlane and do not have to worry about entering your passwords and they are super secure? Or are you more like me? Have multiple passwords for different accounts and are constantly resetting them and it’s a struggle to keep them organized. […]


April 22, 2021

Do You Forget Your Online Passwords?

Living in a care home can be a lonely life. You are away from your family the majority of the time. They come and visit during the holidays, if that and it may only be for a few hours. Now, during the pandemic, those visits have been shut down for months. The loneliness and depression […]


December 13, 2020

How to Give to Seniors in Need