There are so many things that need to be done when a loved one passes, but there are some things that may not be so obvious. First, run a credit report for them as soon as you can, while these agencies have not received the word that they have been declared deceased just yet. With […]


April 2, 2021

Do This Upon Death of a Loved One

With Easter rolling around, you may be thinking of preparing goodies for your kids or grandkids. What about your parents? Especially if they are in carehomes, a carepackage of some sort is always appreciated. For Easter, spring flowers is nice, but you could also do a fun basket with cute items as well. Here are […]


March 26, 2021

Easter Basket Ideas For Seniors

Have your parents lived in the same home since you were a child? How about their neighbors? Have your parents moved recently? Do you know their neighbors? Do they know you? Especially if you live away from your parents, even if it’s a short drive, it may be a good idea if you get to […]


March 18, 2021

Do You Know Your Parent’s Neighbors?

Have you started to take your parents to their doctors appointments? Or do they live in another city and you worry about them. They may have just gotten the vaccine but other than that, because of the separation, you don’t really know what is happening in the day to day? What if there is a […]


March 11, 2021

Asking Questions? on Your Parents’ Health to THEIR Doctors

Doctor and Patient

It’s Valentine’s Day week and maybe you are helping your dad or grandfather to send flowers or possibly you are just sending flowers yourself. I just wanted to send a quick note that for those ladies (or gents) in your life who love flowers, things change slightly when they get older, so you may want […]


February 8, 2021

Sending Flowers to Your Elderly Family

Over the holidays, interview your parents or grandparents! One thing that I would recommend this holiday season whether you are able to see your parents or grandparents in person is to do a recorded interview with them.  Why? There are several reasons why this would be of benefit: You will have a treasured memory of […]


December 23, 2020

Interview Your Parents or Grandparents!

Living in a care home can be a lonely life. You are away from your family the majority of the time. They come and visit during the holidays, if that and it may only be for a few hours. Now, during the pandemic, those visits have been shut down for months. The loneliness and depression […]


December 13, 2020

How to Give to Seniors in Need

So I didn’t think that I would ever be writing about a sale here and I know this is very late, however, trustandwill is having a Cyber Monday sale that is 20% of on all of their products! Just to let you know, I personally have tried it out and it’s great. They are quick […]


November 30, 2020

Trusts, Advance Directives, POA, all the things on SALE

Estate Documents

Do you or your parents have an advance directive? If you answered no, or I don’t know what this is, don’t worry, only one-third of the population is estimated to have this. However, in these uncertain times, you would want to be sure that you and your parents are ready for what’s to come. What […]


October 24, 2020


First it was Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Now, it’s The Home Edit. Both TV shows are about getting rid of the clutter, what you don’t need, and getting organized. But wait, I thought that this blog was about aging parents? You are so right. I’m not sure about your family, but my parents were […]


October 24, 2020